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FLORA INDICA.                                     91
to Concan, Kandesh, and even the mountains of Orissa, and in greatly diminished
numbers to the hills of Behar, whence a single species reaches the base of the Hima-
laya in Garhwal at Dehra.
The forms characteristic of the Madras and Malayan peninsulas respectively are
scarcely intermingled in any part of these regions, the number common to the two
being only six, of which three are common to Ceylon and Malaya, and three are
found in Khasia or the eastern Himalaya, as well as in Behar.
Few Anonacea rise to any height oil the mountains, as might indeed be expected
from the tropical character of the Order. In Ceylon they are found nj> to 6000
feet, and in Khasia np to 6000. In Brazil, according to St. Hilairc, their greatest
elevation is 4000 feet. As about a fourth part of the Indian species are scandent,
it is curious that no scandeut species has yet been described from America. It may
also be observed that- in America one-ovuled species predominate, whereas in Asia
the majority are many-ovulcd. In India the species of Anonacees generally inhabit
dense forests, and no representatives occur of the many shrubby species which in
Brazil clothe the cam$os, or open grassy plains.
In addition to the published materials regarding this Order, we have had access
to a number of drawings and descriptions of Pcnang species made many years ago by
Sir W. Hooker. We have also found in the Hookerian Herbarium many useful re-
marks by M. Planchoa, who appears to have studied the Order with care: these
are chiefly identifications of species; but several of our,new genera have also been
indicated by him, though without any characters being given.
A.  CarpeUain fructum multilocuk'ein coalita   .    . ANONE^J.
B.  Carpella discreta.
a.  Petala aest. imbricata........UVABIE.E.
b.  Petala sest. valvata.
a. Stamina laxe imbricata, antheris in flore
ft. Stamina densissime conferta, invicem an-
theras occnltantia.
i. Petala interiora unguiculata   .    .    . MITREPHOBE-#I.
ii. Petala interiora hand nnguieulata.
1.  Pet. int. iflcrassata triquetra .    . XixopiEiSJ,
2.  Pet. int, exterioribua subconfor-
mia vel basi tantum excavata.    . GUATTEBIEJE.
In Uvarieis et Mltrephoreis paucis stamina definita occurrunt.
I. UVAKIEJE.—Petala eestivatione imbricata.
A.  Stamina definita (12-21)......1. Sageraa.
B.  Stamina indefinite
i. Ovnla numerosa.
a. Flores dioici.    Stamina in toro cy-
Hndrico breviter cuneata  .    .    .    .2. StekcJwcarpus.
6. Elores hennaphroditi.  Stamina pla-
np-compressa,   in   toro planiusculo
disposita .........3. Uvaria.
ii. Ovidum solitariuin insutura yentrali .. 4. Mlipeia.